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We Trade in Valuable Minerals and Invest in Companies.

What we’re about

We are involved in international Trade. We also have a precious mineral permit that allows us to buy and export Gold, Diamond and other minerals.  We have created a network of artisanal miners which forms the main supply pool of gold used to trade with international clients. As such, we act as brokers who use our resources and network to get gold to you. Our intention is not to own a mine, but leverage the power of networks and empower small scale miners. We intend to use the resources from international trade and create 10- 20 high value businesses specific to the Cameroon and African Market.


  1. Trade in Gold by Creating a valuable network of Artisanal Miners.
  2. Launch an ICO
  3. Create 10 – 20 high value businesses.


We intend to grow and increase exponentially from now through the year 2021. We’re achieving external growth by acquiring cash flow positive businesses. We will dominate and consolidate the artisanal mining and export industry by acquiring between 10 and 20 key businesses in Cameroon and do an IPO on the Douala Stock Exchange.

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