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Human Centered Company
for Trade and Investing

ACE Cameroon aims to be the leader in Gold trade in Cameroon by creating a network of artisanal miners.

Our Methodology

We combine a proactive, entrepreneurial approach, with our extensive knowledge in investing and business development to grow our business and create wealth.

The Team

Collectively, our team has experienced every phase of the business growth life cycle with particular interest in creating value through investing. Our board and Senior management has extensive knowledge in diverse areas such as law, stock markets, business development and design thinking. We are using this to build the next generation African Company.
Our Mission

Trade in Gold by Creating a valuable network of Artisanal Miners and dominate and consolidate the artisanal mining and export industry by acquiring between 10 and 20 key businesses in Cameroon.

Our Vision

We intend grow and increase exponentially from now through the year 2021. We’re achieving external growth by acquiring cash flow positive businesses. We will do an IPO on the Douala Stock Exchange.

Our Philosophy

Human centred design will be at the core of our business strategy. We will create value in businesses by understanding the needs of local communities and creating goods/services that meet their needs.